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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let's Talk About Tea and Have a Book Contest

Hi, there. I'm Frances Devine, author of Coffee, Tea, and Danger, the fourth book in Cherry Blossom Capers. I became a serious coffee drinker at the age of fourteen. It didn't take me long to become addicted. Tea? Yuk. I wouldn't have drunk hot tea for a date with Cary Grant . For the life of me, I can't remember when that changed. I only know that hot tea and I have been in love for many years.

When you see the word tea, what pops though your mind? A tall frosted glass or a cup with steam coming out the top? Do you like mugs or dainty little cups on saucers?
I read a comment from a Englishman once. He said, "I simply don't understand you Americans. You boil the water to make you tea hot, then put ice in it to make it cold." Then he added, "You put sugar in it t o make it sweet, then add lemon to make it sour."

He just didn't understand. lol. I personally don't drink much iced tea. But give me my cuppa and I'm a happy woman.

When I first became a tea drinker, the only thing that went into my cup was a Lipton's tea bag. But through the years, I've expanded. My cupboards today contain cans and boxes of plain and flavored teas, herbal and black. My favorites, this year at least, are Prince of Wales and Assam. When I have time, I prefer loose tea, but i don't thumb my nose at bags.

A few years ago, my friend's little girl decided she liked tea, so we began an annual tea party. With trays, tea for ones, and cookies and sandwiches. Now she's almost nine, and although we still have the party, she's deserted to hot cocoa for her drink of choice. Ah the fickleness of youth.

What about you? Leave a comment with your favorite or most hated tea memory and I'll place your name in a drawing for a free copy of Cherry Blossom Capers. Be sure to include your email address.

God Bless You,

Frances Devine


  1. I gave up my morning coffee because of a medicine interaction. And my swollen feet instantly 'deflated'... So I'm learning to love herbal tea like never before. And then someone gave me a box of Wissotzky tea and now I don't miss coffee at all.

  2. I still drink coffee in the morning and sometimes herbal tea at night to help me sleep. I'm starting to enjoy it more and more.

  3. I'm a one-mocha-in-the-morning kind of gal, and other than that I very very rarely drink anything hot. Yet managed to raise a serious tea granny of a daughter, who's horrified by the contents of my tea drawer. (It contains Earl Grey and chamomile for hubby, with a couple other musty boxes for good measure.)

    valerie at valeriecomer dot com

  4. This year I discovered a Christmas tea called Comfort and Joy. It was wonderful. Also Cranberry Blood-orange tea. Deligtful. This week I have a bad cold and sinus congestion. What would I do without to soothing comfort of hot tea?

  5. My favorite tea memory is when we had a 'Tea for TWO' birthday party when my daughter turned 2 years old. We had cupcakes in real china cups and punch in plastic tea cups, and little sandwiches cut into butterfly shapes. All the little girls wore party dresses. It will always be my favorite tea memory!! :)

    brenda at themcclanahans dot com

  6. That'a a wonderful memory, Brenda.
    For anyone wondering about the book drawing, I'll be doing that on Friday. So if you know anyone who might like to get in on that, point them in this direction.


  7. Decided to go ahead and draw for this contest. The winner is Jane Steen. Jane I hope you enjoy the book. I have another contest going on this week's post. Coffee, Tea, Me.

    Blessings, Frances

  8. oops. Sorry, Jane. No contact info. If I don't hear from you with an email address I'll have to draw again.


  9. Since I didn't get the address, the new winner is Brenda Mcclanahan. I'll be contacting you Brenda.

  10. YAY! Thank you SO much! I can't wait to read it!!!!! :D