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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Favorite Fall Tea for One.

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn't post last week. I"d planned to post Susan's Bearclaw recipe today, but I've decided, instead, to share my special autumn tea pot and cup. I'm one of the many tea and teapot collectors in the world. Love my teapots and I actually use some of them. I was flipping through a tea catalog a few years ago and fell in love with this teapot for one. I ordered it, of course. The day the item should have arrived and didn't I called tracking and they insisted the package had been delivered. There happened to be a care center for the elderly down the street and their address was just before mine. Yes, you guessed it. My teapot had been left there by mistake.
I take it off its shelf each September and put it away in November when I switch to Christmas ones. It just seems to give my tea a special flavor and flair. If you'd like, share a photo of your favorite tea cup or pot.
Happy tea drinking.

Frances Devine

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